Balls of Steel, Whiskey and Spirits Chiller Wholesale Program!

Photo: It's OriginalBOS's 2 year anniversary! Oh, how time fly's... only two years and we're already making a big difference.

It is hard to imagine that OriginalBOS is already celebrating its 2 year anniversary!

The past two years have been a whirlwind of excitement. From spending a year and a half on R&D ensuring Balls of Steel are the highest quality and most effective whiskey cooler in the market, to our official "The Balls Have Dropped" launch in December 2012, to our community building BOS Awards, and now it is only about to get better as OriginalBOS is announcing its new Balls of Steel Wholesale Program!

The new Balls of Steel wholesale program is the first time OriginalBOS is allowing Balls of Steel to be sold by anyone, anywhere! This will come as incredible news to the many resellers who have inquired and been waiting to carry the whiskey drink chillers for the past two years. 

This new wholesale program will allow Balls of Steel whiskey drink coolers to reach new and exciting markets, while maintaining our Cause of spreading awareness and vision of funding a cure for testicular cancer. 

If you are interested in the Balls of Steel Wholesale Program and selling Balls of Steel please fill out the information here and an OriginalBOS team member will contact you promptly. 

In continuing our Anniversary celebration OriginalBOS is pleased to continue our free shipping for orders over 25$USD domestically. 


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