Warning! Balls of Steel May Cure Cancer


At OriginalBOS we have a Cause that is committed to funding a cure for testicular cancer and building strong cancer support communities for cancer sufferers, survivors and their families, To continue our mission, OriginalBOS have just launched their newest accessories to the Balls of Steel stainless steel whiskey drink chillers accessory line. 

These accessories are a must have for the casual drinker and the perfect companion to accompany your Balls of Steel whiskey drink chillers to create the ultimate drinking experience. 

First, the new award-winning designed, double walled insulated glasses are the perfect addition to create the ma

ximum chill to your favorite low volume beverage. Experience a new extended chill with Balls of Steel in the BOS Glass that will support additional pours for those who like to have more than one, and for those who really like to make an evening an event!

Next, the new stylish OriginalBOS t-shirt by OriginalBOS & American Apparel is now available at originalbos.com, show your support for testicular cancer research while looking stylish!

Furthermore, OriginalBOS have developed strong partnerships within the cancer community and give 15% of all sales to the Testicular Cancer Society and the MD Anderson Cancer Center so that our donations are used to help all facets of testicular cancer and testicular cancer research. 

Help us fund a cure and make a difference, while receiving a quality fun product to share with your friends and family.

You never know Balls of Steel may cure cancer!


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