Drinks for Valentine's Day

February 14, 2015

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day! We hope your day is already filled with lots of love and enjoyment on this fine Saturday. We're here to give a few suggestions on what to drink this evening! It's clear that we love whiskey and wine at OriginalBOS so we've got a few suggestions in that department.



We'll go ahead and suggest a red if you're looking at wine this evening. This all depends on your dinner, of course. But red is the color of Valentine's Day so there's no better drink for today than a red wine! Don't forget to use the Napa Wine Chiller to get that red wine just below room temperature.


If you're looking for a little bubbly, we'll suggest combining your favorite Champagne or sparkling wine with your favorite juice. We love pomegranate and cranberry over here and mixed with sparkling wine it makes a fantastic drink for Valentine's Day. It is a day for celebrating love, right?


If you're looking for whiskey to drink on Valentine's Day then we have a few suggestions. The Macallan 12 year is always a good option. The taste is fantastic and if your date is a whiskey lover, (s)he will absolutely love it and likely already know about it. Don't forget to use Balls of Steel to keep your whiskey at the perfect temperature. If you're looking for a whiskey cocktail, the Scarlett O'Hara (Southern Comfort, cranberry juice, squeeze of lime) is a great drink for Valentine's Day. It has a beautiful red color and will be a delight for the whiskey lover. You can also use the Napa Wine Chiller in a mixed drink instead of ice to avoid dilution! Give it a try with this Scarlett O'Hara.


We hope everyone's Valentine's day goes off fantastic. Tell us in the comments what your plans are for today!

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