Gifts for Valentine's Day

January 15, 2015


February is fast approaching, and before you know it you’ll be surrounded by red and pink hearts, flowers, chocolates and balloons everywhere! But the one gift that you haven’t received for Valentine’s Day is the best one.

Balls of Steel! These stainless steel whiskey chillers are the way to any true whiskey lover’s heart this Valentine's Day. Forgo the traditional flowers and chocolate and get your loved one a set of Balls of Steel. Thanks to the Arctic Core technology locked in the center of each ball, your whiskey will remain completely chilled at the perfect temperature for hours without any dilution. It’s the perfect gift for Valentine's Day!


If you’re looking for the way to your whiskey lover’s heart this Valentine's Day, you need to get them Balls of Steel! And if you are the whiskey lover, then might we suggest dropping a few hints? 


Chelsea Bakken
Chelsea Bakken


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