NAPA Wine Chiller
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NAPA Wine Chiller

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Temperature significantly affects the complexed aromas and flavors of all wines. A great host knows that when it comes to serving temperature, a wine must be just right. Too warm and the wine’s alcohol will be overly emphasized, leaving a flat and toneless taste, overly chilled and the aromas and flavors are muted. Perfect temperature is achieved through balance.

Keep your favorite wine cool, right from the glass.


The Napa Wine Chiller is formed from a thin layer of special, lightweight stainless steel. At the center, is an Arctic-Core™ (a phase-change chilling technology from BOS). From the first sip, to the last, the Napa Wine Chiller quickly cools your wines keeping them fresh and chilled. By creating a spherical shape we've allowed circular convection (the movement of different temperature liquids) to take place. The natural process holds the wine at a steady, balanced, temperature while you sip.

NAPA wine chiller keeping wine cold by BOS Drinkware


The NAPA Wine Chiller makes a great gift that gives. The Stainless Steel wine chiller is perfect to share with friends and family. Each chiller has a story, from your purchase, 15% of the proceeds are donated to, grow, and maintain health research initiatives with our partners, MD Anderson. We'll donate 15% of proceeds from your purchases directly for use in cure research. Every conversation counts so let's speak UP.

The NAPA Wine Chiller is endlessly reusable and stored in your freezer allowing you to chill glass after glass. Bring your favorite Light Reds or White Wines to the perfect temperature, never diluting the flavor or altering the taste. Kept out of the way, and at the bottom of your glass, the NAPA Wine Chiller gives you the ability to enjoy perfectly chilled wine every time.

Includes: one Napa Wine Chiller, instuctions, freezer storage bag.