Some kind words about our Balls:  

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"At least one good thing might come out of your next bartender"

"For the fearless whisky drinker comes Original Balls of Steel, a new ice-free chilling system that cools your drink faster than ice, and without dilution"

"Not only is the concept behind these fancy whiskey chillers pretty clever, but they're for a good cause too."

"A must have for the causal drinker."

"Balls of steel are a like a modern, hip version of whiskey stones. But they make a much nicer gift. After all, who wants to get some rocks for Christmas?"

"Inspired by a cancer scare experienced by one of the founders, two men decided to do something to help men who are fighting testicular cancer."

"Just the perfect conversation piece for your own private party"

"Simply fell in love with a quality product made by a company that cares"

"If the name doesn't immediately grab you, than the company's mission might: sales go to testicular cancer research. So the men in your life won't just appreciate the stainless steel balls to chill their whiskey, they'll appreciate the cause behind it."

"The issue is a sensitive area, so the more public acknowledgement we can get, the better off men everywhere are. Now’s your chance to make a difference."

"By purchasing a set you’re contributing to a charity that supports research for Testicular Cancer. That certainly justifies another round in our book."

"Keeping your drinks cold, Balls of Steel serve a bigger purpose."

"We noticed that in the world today it has becoming increasingly hard to find a Cause that gives as much back to you and the community as you give to it."

"Balls of Steel cool your spirits, but now you’re drinking for a cause, my man. A portion of all BOS profits go directly to fund testicular cancer research."

"Balls of Steel - Whiskey Drink Coolers with a Cause take Mixology to a whole new level. Most innovative product of 2012"

"You can say these founders of OriginalBOS have steel pairs, in more ways than one."

"When you use Balls of Steel, your drink is further cooled with a swish of the balls. Yes, this sounds funny, but hey they work awesome!"

"Now here's a novel way to think about "on the rocks"