About BOS Drinkware

We're a Passionate Group

The team behind BOS Drinkware is a group of fun loving people who share a common bond. We love to innovate drinkware and work to make the world a better place through business. We come to work with a deep drive, understanding that what we create impacts you and many more through word of mouth and marketing opportunities.  We are relentless to change the way people share about key heath issues and how institutions (like MD Anderson) receive funding to fuel cutting-edge cure research.

The Crossroads

Our products are catalyzed from a simple belief. That drinkware is broken and out dated. Everyday we use tools and other gadgets to simplify or enhance how we consume beverages. Whether as simple as a glass or as complex as our Arctic Core enable whiskey chillers, we extract new value from old outdated drinkware by integrating modern technologies.