Napa Wine Chiller Bridesmaids 5-Pack

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Perfect Gift for Bridesmaids

The Napa Wine Chiller brings a light and breezy feel to your afternoon; just what you want for your bridesmaids. You want your best friends by your side on your wedding day, and you want your wine chilled to perfection. Add customization to each chiller for a personalized memorable gift. Since you've already spent a fortune on your wedding, let us help you out with a special price when you buy our Napa Wine Chiller Bridesmaids 5-Pack.



Temperature significantly affects the complexed aromas and flavors of all wines. A great host knows that when it comes to serving temperature, a wine must be just right. Too warm and the wine's alcohol will be overly emphasized, leaving a flat and toneless taste; overly chilled and the aromas and flavors are muted. Perfect temperature is achieved through balance.



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