The Ultimate Groomsmen Whiskey Gift Set

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Let's face it, it takes Balls of Steel to be a great friend, and a great friend who stands by you through thick and thin deserves a reward. Enter the Ultimate Groomsmen Whiskey Gift Set, crafted with the boys in mind to share something special on your big day. Let them kick back and relax with you as you prepare to look dapper and say "I do." A pair of superpowered drink chillers, a pair of crystal clear break resistant tumblers, and our bottle opening coasters all for one awesome price. Add custom engraving on the Balls of Steel for a personal touch.


Each Ultimate Groomsmen Whiskey Gift Set comes bundled with one set of Balls of Steel Whiskey Chillers; they instantly chill whiskey from within the glass without diluting flavors. Also included are one 4-Pack of Bottle Opener Coasters which feature high grade stainless steel for protecting spills and opening bottles. Now throw in the ultra break resistant set of Perfect Whiskey Glasses and you've got the superteam of barware experiences. 

Balls of Steel Whiskey Chillers Technology


The Ultimate Groomsmen Whiskey Gift Set was crafted to give your best men the perfect drinking experience but it also does so much more. Your purchase makes it possible to launch, grow, and maintain core testicular cancer initiatives with our partners. We'll donate 15% of proceeds from your purchase directly for testicular cancer cure research. It takes Balls of Steel to be a great friend but it also takes Balls of Steel to speak up about issues that matter. Together lets fight testicular cancer and speak UP!

Our cause is to fight TC
Each Ultimate Groomsmen Whiskey Gift Set Includes: 1 Set of Balls of Steel, 1 Bottle Opener Coasters 4-Pack, & 1 Perfect Whiskey Glasses 2-Pack

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