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Hello my friends, and welcome to the first BOS Man blog. Along my many journeys across the globe spreading ice cold cheer, without dilution, I come across many things that I add to my collection. Instead of keeping them to myself I have decided to share them with you, my friends, that you may drink better, chill better, be informed, and most of all - enjoy yourself. So sit back, pour yourself two fingers of your favorite whiskey with a drop of water and Balls of Steel, and enjoy.


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Today’s blog is a recipe blog, and is dedicated to the Grasshopper. The Grasshopper is not a well-known drink, nor is it for every occasion, but every so often it does hit the spot. When I think of the Grasshopper two things come to mind: my grandfather’s Grasshopper joke, and the movie “Ronin.”

Just like the Grasshopper, jokes aren’t for everyone, but I feel I would be doing my grandfather a disservice if I mention the joke and don’t share it. So if you’re not a fan of questionable humor skip the next paragraph.

So a man walks into a bar and orders a pint of lager. Once in his hand he immediately throws back the entire contents of the glass and slams it back down on the bar. “Another please,” as he shoves the pint glass in the bartenders direction. Over the next hour this scene plays out over and over until the man is seated heavily on his barstool and letting out belch after belch. Well, after a while the bartender noticed the looks this man and his belching were getting and decided he'd had enough. "Hey buddy, you keep downing the same drink over and over again, why not try something new?" The man thinks for a little bit and asks him what he had in mind. "Have you ever had a Grasshopper? First one is on me." Hearing nothing other than "free drink" the man agreed to give it a try. The bartender made the drink and served it to the man who immediately downed it in the same fashion. "That's terrific! I'll have another." Over the next hour the man continued to down the drinks until he was wobbling on his barstool.  Feeling he'd had enough he said goodbye to the bartender and headed out on his way. As he was stumbling along the sidewalk on his way home he came upon a grasshopper. Laughing to himself he leaned down and said to the grasshopper "hey, did you know they named a drink after you?" The grasshopper looked up at the man and said "they named a drink George?"

Like I said, it's not for everyone, but let's move along to the next point, the movie "Ronin."

In the movie Ronin Robert De Niro plays an ex-intelligence officer hired to assist in stealing a valuable briefcase. Being the most professional of the group, the others looked up to him and asked him about withstanding torture, to which he replied that everyone has their limit.


Other Guy: "How'd they finally get to you?"

De Niro: "They gave me a grasshopper"

Other Guy: "What's a grasshopper?"

De Niro: "Lessee, two parts Gin, one part Brandy, one part Creme de Menthe"


I've never heard of a Grasshopper being made like that other than in this movie. I haven't tried it, but it doesn't sound very appealing. Sorry Bob, looks like somebody gave you some bad info. Here then, is the recipe my grandfather gave me, which is the same recipe you'll find in any good bartenders arsenal. 

  • One ounce Green Creme de Menthe
  • One ounce White Creme de Menthe
  • One ounce heavy creme

Place all ingredients into a shaker with plenty of ice (What? Ice you say? Yes, we love ice and use it often, but when it comes to dilution we have a replacement for it), and shake it like the dickens. Meanwhile, have a Martini glass ready in the freezer, or fill one with ice until frosty, so that your glass is nice and cold. Place your Balls of Steel in the glass, and strain the liquid over them. 

The key to the Grasshopper is to keep it chilled. When the drink warms up it has the same effect as melted ice cream; good, but not what you want. With Balls of Steel in the glass your drink will stay cold until the very last drop. Since it is a small amount of liquid it doesn't tend to last long, but if you are leisurely sipping it's nice to know your drink will last as long as you do.

Thank you for your time my friends and see you on the next blog.

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