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Hello my friends, and welcome to the BOS Man blog. Along my many journeys across the globe spreading ice cold cheer, without dilution, I come across many things that I add to my collection. Instead of keeping them to myself I have decided to share them with you, my friends, that you may drink better, chill better, be informed, and most of all - enjoy yourself. So sit back with your favorite beverage chilled with Balls of Steel, the Napa Wine Chiller, or the new Balls of Steel XL and enjoy.



Today's blog is an informative blog, straight from the arctic science lab. We want to shed some light on how our products are best used to chill your wine, whiskey, or other spirit to the perfect temperature for maximum enjoyment. Since we have just launched our newest product, the Balls of Steel XL, the timing is perfect to explain how our three chillers are best used. 


Our flagship product and still our best seller, the original Balls of Steel Whiskey Chillers set the standard for chilling without dilution. We have heard through some comments on Facebook (thanks for commenting!), that these chillers don't chill whiskey enough, that whiskey needs some dilution, that the real way to drink whiskey is neat. By no means do we want to tell anyone how they should be drinking their whiskey, but we do want to offer what we think is an excellent way to enjoy whiskey. 

For the first concern that Balls of Steel don't chill whiskey enough, we can only assume that this is an issue of volume. For the best result from our Balls of Steel, they are meant to be enjoyed with two fingers of whiskey. But what exactly is a two finger pour? That would naturally change by container (try it in a snifter versus a shot glass) and finger size (don't ask Paul Bunyan to measure your pour). There has been effort put to standardizing finger size (3/4"), which would result in around 2oz. in a standard rocks glass. We would of course suggest using our Perfect Whiskey Glass for this (shameless plug, but hey it works great!). Personally, I'll pour two fingers of whiskey, place the Balls of Steel in the glass, swirl and let sit for a couple of minutes before sipping. I have found this to be highly effective for my own personal enjoyment.

The second and third concern can be answered together. There is the opinion that whiskey is best served neat; if you have that opinion we see nothing wrong with that. If you also like your whiskey chilled neat, Balls of Steel is perfect for your whiskey enjoyment. Many people believe that whiskey is best served with a little water to open up the flavor, and we agree. What we don't agree with is putting ice in your whiskey as it is much more difficult to measure how much water you are actually using. We aren't at the point of using an eye-dropper to measure out the water we put in our whiskey, but that's certainly a better idea than dropping a few ice cubes in your glass.


Two fingers not enough for you? No problem, we've got you covered. The XL's are meant to handle a full rocks glass of liquid and keep it chilled. So if you are more of a four finger drinker, the XL's will keep your whiskey chilled to the last drop. Or if you want to spread your four fingers between two two finger pours the XL's will keep both chilled however long it takes you to drink them. Or perhaps you're more of a cocktail drinker? The XL's were designed with smaller cocktails in mind. They are perfect for an Old Fashioned or Manhattan cocktail. Just as you don't want your whiskey diluted, you don't want your cocktail diluted either. Often times when an Old Fashioned is ordered it comes with a large block of ice, which is fine, but it won't last you too long before getting diluted. With these sorts of cocktails you don't really want to rush them, after all the point of these drinks is to enjoy them, not rush them. We tested the XL's in our laboratory to see how long they would stay chilled and after thirty minutes they still held a temperature around 50º. This means that if it takes you thirty minutes to drink your cocktail you can make a fresh one and still enjoy a chilled drink.


The Napa Wine Chiller is the largest of our chillers and harnesses largest amount of arctic core. There is nothing better on a warm summer day than an ice cold glass of white wine. And there is nothing worse than an equally warm glass of wine as the weather is hot. White wine is best casually sipped over an afternoon, the problem lies in that however cold the bottle was when the drink was poured the wine will lose its chill rapidly. To combat this we came up with the Napa Wine Chiller. Because of its size the Napa Wine Chiller will keep wine cold glass after glass. But it's also good for many other drinks. Just as the XL's are best utilized in a cocktail the Napa will keep a highball chilled to the end. Personally I like to pour a beer in a mug and drop the Napa Wine Chiller in. With the Napa in the mug I can keep two or three beers cold. Or if you aren't in an alcoholic beverage mood the same effect can be had with a soda (or pop depending on where you're drinking). Often to stretch out a long afternoon I'll have a soda water with bitters between cocktails using the Napa Wine Chiller.

Most of all, we want you to enjoy your drink whatever it is you like to drink. With that in mind we've come up with these three chillers; we've done the research and put the time in at our arctic lab facility and feel that whatever you're drinking, we've got you covered. Thank you for your time my friends and see you on the next blog.

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