Balls of Steel are the Perfect Whiskey Drink Coolers for the Holidays

Balls of Steel, which are two stainless steel whiskey drink coolers that are the hottest gift for this holiday season. Not only do the whiskey drink coolers chill one's favorite spirit to perfect drinking temperature, they also support men's testicular cancer research. 

Just two weeks after OriginalBOS launched their flagship whiskey drink coolers, Balls of Steel are being regarded by reviewers and bloggers as an evolution of the whiskey rock, and the newest way for avid spirit drinkers to chill their beverages so that they don't become diluted, by using other obsolete chilling tactics such as ice... reviews, "Balls of steel are a like a modern, hip version of whiskey stones. But they make a much nicer gift. After all, who wants to get some rocks for Christmas?" 

Purchase the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season and give someone the best whiskey drink coolers on the market.



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