"Your New Favorite Set of Balls"

Balls of Steel Drink Chillers

Balls of Steel Drink Chillers

Premium steel balls with Arctic Core™ technology keep your drink ice cold.

✅ Lets you enjoy your drink the way it was intended to be - not watered down

✅ Provides boosted flavors and a truly unique experience

✅ Our balls are research backed, they keep your drink colder for longer.

🛒 Stock is Limited: 447 Units Sold Out Of 600 Units Available!

15% Of All Proceeds Donated To Testicular Cancer Research

Chills Your Drink Down To Ice Cold Temperatures

Good For Unlimited Uses, Just Store In Your Freezer

No More Watered Down Flavorless Drinks

Keeps Your Drink Cool For Up To 60 Minutes

Everyone Loves Our Balls

Over 700+ Five Star Reviews

My Dad Loves Them

My father has been wanting these for awhile, so we purchased them for his birthday! He was super excited to receive them and loves using them!!

- Amber R.

Ice Cold

Really great whiskey chillers, a high quality product! Super ice cold without adding water to my favorite whiskey.

- Paul N.

Great Gift

I gave these as a Christmas gift. To the girls in the family the wine balls, and guys the Balls of Steel. All were big hits! Everyone is enjoying!

- Elaine A


The balls work as intended! Folks around the office are jealous and wish they had balls like mine.

- Juan C.

Friends Loved Them!

Balls were just as expected! Friends loved them! Will be buying again for others!

- Edric C.

Cold Balls

Received my monogrammed balls. They had me shivering through three glasses of crown. Highly recommend.

- Michael C.

Life Is Better When You've Got A Set Of Balls.

Our Balls Are Built With Cooling Technology

After months of engineering, the BOS team successfully developed a proprietary technology called the Arctic Core™.

The specialized chilling core is locked inside each ball using a unique machining process making Balls of Steel the best drink chiller available.  

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