Amazing Whiskey Balls

Amazing Balls That Chill Whiskey

Amazing Balls for chilling whiskey

Amazing Whiskey Balls 

When you're kicking back in the den with a whiskey or other spirt thats hotter then Dragon breath (aka room temperature), you need a good way to chill it without watering the sprit down. Amaze yourself and guests by chilling any drink to the perfect temperature with Balls of Steel, the Amazing Whiskey Balls are stainless steel whiskey chillers.


Amaze Your Whiskey

Nothing comes close to how enjoyable a perfectly chilled whiskey can be. Balls of Steel are Amazing Whiskey Balls because they chill faster and more effectively when any other drink chiller on the market. Just take a look at this independent study by Cool Material. So, go ahead and amaze yourself, grab a set of these Amazing Whiskey Balls. Right now get free shipping, enter code "LETUSPAYSHIPPING" at checkout.


Amazing balls to chill whiskeyUsing Amazing chilling ball of steelAmaze your self with these balls


Amazing Cause

Another reason Balls of Steel are such Amazing Whiskey Balls is the unique cause behind the company.  Each set of Balls of Steel you purchase, 15% is donated to men's health research at MD Anderson Center, Lean more about these Amazing Whiskey Balls.

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